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A Woman’s Body and Pregnancy

The societal focus on body image and expectations of a woman’s body has become alarmingly apparent to me during my 8 months of pregnancy. Everyone has an opinion of the weight you are gaining, or the weight you are not gaining.

Comments range from “You can’t be 6 months pregnant” to “The only places I can notice you’ve gained weight is in your stomach and your face.” And more recently I have been asked, “How much weight have you gained?” 

The attention on the human body is twice as magnified during pregnancy than any other time (or so I have experienced). I will receive comments about eating a casserole because it has too much sodium, or drinking a slight amount of caffeine because that’s “just not safe for the baby.” 

Never before have people commented on my weight; because that is considered to be rude. However, when the human body is growing ANOTHER human body, it is all of the sudden acceptable to make comments all of the time. My personal favorite is when someone said they were positive I was having a girl because my hips and butt had widened. What might be the worst part about it all is that everyone does it with a smile on their face (and all of these comments have been made by WOMEN). Apparently because I am pregnant I do not care that my body is changing and my feelings cannot get hurt. 

Trust me, I know this is all for the best cause imaginable and I cannot wait to meet my daughter, but it’s still insane to me the amount of attention that is given to OMG WEIGHT GAIN. And, the most shocking part about it is I’m actually right on track for desired weight gain during pregnancy (give or take a few pounds). I now have a whole new appreciation for what people did to Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson during their pregnancies. How awful. 

More than anything, this has taught me some vital components on how to raise a daughter. I will do everything to make sure that she knows that she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. Her worth will not be based on her body type or weight. And, I truly hope that our society can get to a place where we can all feel this way no matter what may be occurring in our life. 

Unwanted Conversation of the Day

Woman: You are having a girl aren't you?

Me: Yes, I am.

Woman: I knew it. I was walking behind you and could tell that you were pregnant from behind. That's always a sure sign.


Pregnancy Cravings…

I haven’t had many strong cravings, but lately I’ve been all about watermelon and cheese. Ironically enough, those are both items that someone brought into the office today to share. 

Friday morning, you are starting off just right. 

Speaking of a new baby, we have really started to finalize our nursery. I am so in love with our crib and crib bedding. All of our crib bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids and I enjoy the fact that it is feminine without being too over the top PINK. 

My talented and crafty friend from graduate school actually made the wall hanging that’s in the second picture. I adore the saying and love the fact that she took the time to hand-make something herself. It also happens to match our decor perfectly. 

Maverick, on the other hand, is not so sure about this whole baby thing. He keeps going into her room and stealing the toys/stuffed animals/etc. He is for sure acting like a jealous older sibling. 

After some time (too much time) away from the blogging world, I have decided to return. I still have been able to follow along with all of you, but needed to take some time to remember why I was blogging and for what purpose. I can safely say, that I truly missed sharing and looking back on my posts and remembering what I had been feeling or going through at that exact moment. 

Really, I just missed writing and expressing myself through the written form.

And wow, a lot has changed since I last posted. First of all we are expecting our first child (a baby girl!) on July 1st (give or take). This was somewhat of a surprise, but definitely welcomed! We have been planning and trying to prepare ourselves (as much as what is possible) for the biggest change of our lives thus far. 

The pictures above are from the wonderful shower that was thrown for me this past weekend by two of my dearest friends from college. It was lovely, and truly got me excited for these final weeks leading up to her arrival. 

All in all, it feels pretty darn good to be back and writing again. 

Ready for the Gladiator!!! @megan_esch @cassie_obie

Ready for the Gladiator!!! @megan_esch @cassie_obie


Matt Molloy’s smeared sky photos are gorgeous.

Wow, one of these sky photos would be perfect in our master bedroom. 

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My favorite time in the year is when I start to get a slight glow/tan on my face and I only have to wear mascara, a little blush and lip gloss/chap stick. Because really, is there a better feeling than being tan? 

I think it’s (finally) safe to say that Spring is FINALLY here!    

“7. Better Yourself. Go running. Floss. Drink more water. Take vitamins. Buy food that does not come in a box. Do push-ups. Wake up at an AM hour. Do not sleep away your weekends. Stop Googling that spot on your arm. Read books. Learn an instrument. Think of others. Stop blaming other people. Stop blaming yourself. Turn your strengths against your weaknesses. Turn your hatred of every missed word or tarnished day into the next day. Do not merely need to do better; actually do better.”
7 Steps to Being Confident // Thought Catalog (via elizablr)

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